Monday, 27 October 2014

Killing Tips to Design A Responsive Website

Responsive web design is the hot topic in the IT industry these days. While people are trying to get their websites on the Internet, they neglect the fact that the number of people using Internet through mobile devices is increasing with every day. Responsive web design can be easily defined as the ability of the website to detect screen size and display the content accordingly. Until recently, web designing entailed 2 designs. One for the mobile and one for the computers, with separate resolutions which are used to improve the user experience. Responsive web design takes care of all that hassle by restructuring the design to adapt to the different screen sizes.

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One of the best ways to begin is to make a mind map and pen down the components in your website. This process is not only great, but it takes only a couple of minutes to complete. After creating the mind map, make sure that you use a flow chart or storyboard to plan out the look and feel of your website. Once you are done, you can start working on the website.

Make use of prototyping tools

There are countless prototyping tools available on the Internet. Be sure to make use of them to put together the best layouts possible. Although some of them are free, others charge quite a lot of money. While you may not have that much money but it is guaranteed that these website designing services are worth the money. You get really good support for all kinds of design that you have in mind.

Simplicity is the best policy

As HTML 5 is currently synonymous to responsive design, you should go through the basics of HTML 5 because you are going to need the doc type, guidelines along with a reset style sheet. This along with simple techniques will help you design a great responsive website.

Use of ready-made templates

While this is not encouraged by many people, if you are not good at technology you can make use of the available responsive templates. Almost every web designing company in India has put out a great deal of responsive website templates, you can use. Going through with this option, you can easily edit the available templates and get the website up and running in a minimum amount of time.

Get rid of the unnecessary

As responsive design is heavily dependent on content, make sure that you get rid of the unnecessary content. When you have a lot of content, you need to make a lot of technical changes to the website in order to make it properly responsive.

So there you have it, making use of these tips is the best way to produce great responsive websites. With former HTML we just had lists, layers, tables and paragraphs, etc. Now with HTML 5 we have a great deal of new items like news, products, and recipes. You get a great deal of responsiveness from your websites and improved response from your customers. When you upload the website your business will see an imminent boost.

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