Friday, 29 January 2016

How to Efficiently Use Yoast WordPress SEO Plugin?

Optimized your website content with Yoast WordPress SEO plugin

If you are a content marketer, you will agree to the fact that content optimization is always a work in progress and that having the right optimization tools means the difference between ranking high on search pages and being toast into oblivion.

For users, Yoast SEO plugin is the most complete tool for optimizing your content and ultimately enhancing your website visibility online. But unless you know how to effectively use it, Yoast plugin will just be another fancy plugin on your site.  But it doesn’t have to be.

Here in are tips on how to configure the Yoast WordPress SEO plugin for efficient use.

Installing the plugin

If you have been using other variations of SEO plugins, you only need to import the existing settings into this Yoast SEO plugin. Ensure you delete older data once you have imported the settings to eliminate chances of conflicts. Your plugin is now ready for configuration.

Webmaster tools

1. The essential XML Sitemaps

This feature creates XML sitemaps used by search bots for indexing. It also notifies Bing and Google that such sitemaps exist on your site. The fact that this feature is automated means it can be used by even the novice WordPress users.

2. Titles and Meta descriptions feature

The feature allows webmasters to add title and Meta description templates to a site automatically rather than working on every page manually. For better results, leverage on the Yoast help function to explore the feature to the fullest.

3. The Robots Meta configuration

Uncompleted webpages can hamper your ranking when indexed. The robots Meta configuration tool helps keep the files hidden till they are complete. The feature works for custom taxonomies, categories and tags in your site giving you control over what is indexed for users’ view.

4. Permalink clean up feature

This feature minimizes the chances of broken links unwarranted page redirects on your site. You will simply on the permalink clean up button to activate this feature.

5. The RSS enhancements

As an improvement on the basic RSS Footer plugins that only worked on either the header or footer sections at a time, Yoast SEO plugin allows you to add text on both sections at a go. Additionally, you can add backlinks to your blog or even specific blog posts of interest.

6. The File editor

This feature helps you check, edit and even update .htaccess and robots.txt files. This way, you can keep content on your site clean, organized and up to date.

7. The clean-up feature

Thanks to the versatility that comes with WordPress, many webmasters end up messing the head section making it bloated and disorganized. For users, the clean-up feature is the ideal tool to clean the mess up.

Yoast WordPress SEO Plugin should be every webmaster’s best friend. It’s powerful, easy to use and affordable.

Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Increase your customer base with these interactive web design services

How an interactive web design service make your website more effective?

Not just web designing is going to help to beat the Indian market. You need to make sure your website's design stands out amongst the rabble.

In order to have the most effect out of your website, you can consider the option of hiring web design services that will not only increase your customer base but will also see to it that they are super engaged when surfing through the website.

So while choosing one, make sure you choose a well reputed web design company in India to handle the operations.

interactive web design services
Interactive web design services

Power of interactive web design services

Most often people make the mistake of hiring from a list of just web design services; you need to have the ability to think outside the box and with such a wide variety of experts offering their skill for sale, by not hiring one you would be making a mistake.

Web design services are the best at coming up with an interactive outlook for your website thereby making sure that your audience are kept interested as they browse through the content of your website. Well is it essential in giving you success with your website? Well no, although it can be the primary reason in decreasing the bounce rates of those surfing through.

Why a web design company in India can provide you much more than you are looking for:

Web design services will ensure that your website has something special in its approach towards people.

They will see to it that you get a website in accordance to your demands accompanied by an engaging as well as interactive design which your audience likes.

Web design services can give a unique look to your website in comparison to the competition out there.

Finally, your customer base will grow as word spreads of that amazing website you are running.

Interactive web designing can form a crucial factor in moving your website forward. Hiring the right web design company in India will ensure that you leave a lasting impression in the minds of the audience who are always looking for something new.

Web designing services are an option that you have to consider if you're aiming to have any legitimate progress from your efforts.

Saturday, 16 January 2016

5 Killer Techniques To Make Your Website SEO Friendly

What is a SEO friendly website ?

A Search Engine Optimization friendly website is a website that can be found easily by typing a certain word or searching a certain picture.

seo friendly website
SEO friendly website

Below I’m going to give you 5 killer techniques to make SEO friendly websites:

1. Use certain keywords and phrases

This means to use words that stand out to the reader and that stands out to google or Bing or any other search engines. Words that are commonly used make it harder to find and view your website so having SEO friendly websites with certain key words and phrases make it easier to find.

2. Use pictures

Using pictures in your web page makes it easier for search engines to find your webpage. Using pictures also makes your web page stand out from others and making it easier to find and view your web page.

3. Add Videos

When you add videos to your SEO friendly website it makes it easier to view because on YouTube your video may show up in suggestions. When the viewer clicks on your video they get interested so your webpage should be in the descriptions so the search engine will know to find that webpage.

4. Add phone numbers and information

Adding phone numbers and contact information makes it the most easiest and simplest way to make your webpage SEO friendly. This is because your phone number and contact information is rare. Nobody else have the same contact information or phone number as you. So it makes it easier on the search engine to find your website.

5. Use a unique url 

Having a unique url gives you a better advantage to find your webpage through the search engine that you use. The url of a webpage is the main thing the search engine finds and sees in the first place. The url is the thing that catches the eye of the reader and the consumers. Having a unique url makes your webpage SEO friendly.

Those were my 5 killer techniques to make your webpage SEO friendly and to make it easier to view and read in life as business producers. Website Designing Companies helps you to design a seo friendly website.

Having the SEO friendly website gives you higher traffic and more production of business and more interested people of your webpage. SEO friendly webpage gives you a good opportunity to make your business better and have a healthy business.