Saturday, 16 January 2016

5 Killer Techniques To Make Your Website SEO Friendly

What is a SEO friendly website ?

A Search Engine Optimization friendly website is a website that can be found easily by typing a certain word or searching a certain picture.

seo friendly website
SEO friendly website

Below I’m going to give you 5 killer techniques to make SEO friendly websites:

1. Use certain keywords and phrases

This means to use words that stand out to the reader and that stands out to google or Bing or any other search engines. Words that are commonly used make it harder to find and view your website so having SEO friendly websites with certain key words and phrases make it easier to find.

2. Use pictures

Using pictures in your web page makes it easier for search engines to find your webpage. Using pictures also makes your web page stand out from others and making it easier to find and view your web page.

3. Add Videos

When you add videos to your SEO friendly website it makes it easier to view because on YouTube your video may show up in suggestions. When the viewer clicks on your video they get interested so your webpage should be in the descriptions so the search engine will know to find that webpage.

4. Add phone numbers and information

Adding phone numbers and contact information makes it the most easiest and simplest way to make your webpage SEO friendly. This is because your phone number and contact information is rare. Nobody else have the same contact information or phone number as you. So it makes it easier on the search engine to find your website.

5. Use a unique url 

Having a unique url gives you a better advantage to find your webpage through the search engine that you use. The url of a webpage is the main thing the search engine finds and sees in the first place. The url is the thing that catches the eye of the reader and the consumers. Having a unique url makes your webpage SEO friendly.

Those were my 5 killer techniques to make your webpage SEO friendly and to make it easier to view and read in life as business producers. Website Designing Companies helps you to design a seo friendly website.

Having the SEO friendly website gives you higher traffic and more production of business and more interested people of your webpage. SEO friendly webpage gives you a good opportunity to make your business better and have a healthy business.

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