Wednesday, 30 March 2016

How to Design Websites for the Targeted Audience?

What to consider while website designing?

It is important to know that any website designed is aimed to a target audience. When writing or posting something on a website you have a target . It may be either a group of people or an individual. In either way you have a target audience. In website designing the main aim of your design should be to reach targeted audience of your product and services.

One of the website designing services is to determine your target audience. This should be made possible by research. You should ask the google about your target what they do, who they are, who’s their competition and how they want to be perceived. For a good web design, you should determine the age, job title, gender, and education and how the targeted audience will be interacting with the website.

How to design for your target audience?

After finishing and identifying your target audience the next step should be to decide how to come up with a web design that will be appealing to your target audience. The key concept should be to design a website that is able to reach targeted audience.

The following are the factors you should consider when designing for your target audience

1. Content Layout 

When designing a website you should know how to display it so as to reach targeted audience. The content layout of your website should be appealing to the customer. The appropriate selection of content layout will definitely be helpful in improving the rate of traffic towards websites.

2. Color Preference

In modern world, color has playing an important role in the website designing as it help in grabbing the attention of the targeted audience. The color of a website design can sway thinking, change actions and effect moods. Therefore, in website designing services the role of color cannot be ignored or undervalued.

3. Font Choice

Selecting appropriate fonts for your target audience is also important. The reason is obvious as font sizes will engage the target audiences attentions to a large extent. It is important to keep the consideration of font size having in mind that there are many web safe fonts to choose from.

4. The content 

Your target audience will affect your website services. The information will have to be put in a way it will reach your target audience. It is important to note that style of presentation and communication also changes with the change in the perceptions and requirements of target customers of websites.

Final words

Before providing website designing services, you should first research and determine your target audience. By keeping your target audience in mind you will make better decisions about the look and feel of your website and deliver your client with results they deserve.

Monday, 21 March 2016

10 quick tips to hire a corporate website designing company

Finding a website design is easy but hiring a corporate website designing company that will be able to handle your goals and objectives can be a challenge. 

Corporate website design

In any case, there are 8 quick tips to hire a corporate website designing company

1. Know your project goals

The first step of designing a corporate website is knowing your project goals. Each and every design website has different set of circumstances, skills, opportunities and goals. When designing a website, always start with a clear vision of exactly what you want from that website and find the best corporate website design company to launch your website for perfection.

2. Focus on content

In order to get the best website design you have to find the best website design company India that understands what you want for your website. Content is one of the most important aspects in a website and getting a web design company that puts the content the way you want it to be is equally as important.

3. Don’t limit your horizons

When finding a corporate website design India it is advised that you broaden your horizons. Find a variety of web design companies that are the best in the market and get to find out the best web designing packages that each  of this companies provide and settle for the company that offers the best deal.

4. Have a realistic budget

The cost of website design is based on the requirements of the project, including the intricacy of the design, the number of pages and the special functionality that the website has. When designing a website, find a website design company that offers pocket friendly and affordable web designing packages India.

5. Always test the back-end

Modern website design companies set clients up with simple content management systems. This comes in handy incase a client wants to make changes to the website and is unable due to the complexity of the content management system. Before you hire a website designing company, take the content management for a test drive.

6. Check the track record

In modern web design, don’t just settle on the perfect technologies and be the best web designing company it takes years of experience in web designing and collaborative work. That’s why it’s always important to check how long a team has been working together and make sure that the company has a good track record.

7. Plan for the future

Launching a website may seem like the last thing you may have to do but in real sense it is not the last thing since maintenance has to be done to prevent any problems that may arise later.

8. Use responsive design

Rather than developing a site for each device, you can alternatively create a responsive website design to adopt to browser size, making for better user experience.


In order to get a good website design for your company, a few of the tips stated above and many more may be of help. If a person needs to get the best website design company he should evaluate  the company critically and see the web designing packages the company offers so as to settle for the best deal.

Tuesday, 8 March 2016

6 Reasons Why You'll Love WordPress Websites

Designing a great website with WordPress CMS:

There are a lot of web Design Companies who choose to develop the website using WordPress. The moment you types WordPress Website Design on your search engine you will see an overwhelming result. WordPress is the most common content management software CMS that is used to build websites.

wordpress website design
WordPress CMS

The following reasons focusing light on why you might love WordPress:

1. Its search engine-friendly

WordPress website uses clean and simple code, thus make it easy for search engines to read and index your site content. If you love posting, the more you post at WordPress website the more you attract search engines like a magnet. It also has ads –on and security features that make a CMS platform that is able to attract search engines. This help you to increase your site conversion rate by increasing search ranks.

2. WordPress plugins

There are many wordpress plugins that have been developed. WordPress website design have plugins and ads-on that enhances the look and functionality of your site. WordPress provides plugins from e-commerce, calendar events and many more plugins that will meet your needs.

3. Flexibility

The beauty of WordPress is that WordPress website designers use the CMS as the building blocks for a custom-built website. WordPress provides theme that can be customized based on your allow the website designer to create unique within its CMS platform. It also allow website to be designed in ways that it can be accessed through other devices.

4. It is economical

WordPress CMS allows you to make any changes. You can edit your website whenever you want. You do not need to keep contacting your website designer asking for additional pages which will cost more money. WordPress help you save money and allows you to contact the website when more important things arises. The best web design company should instruct you on how to perform smaller task that will save cost.

5. Easy to use and understand

WordPress website is easy to use and has an intuitive interface. It allows addition of new pages, blog posts and images on a regular basis quickly. A website design on this WordPress CMS enable you to easily delete and add new content whenever you like.

6. Inbuilt blog

Since WordPress was initially developed as a blogging platform, it has the blogging capabilities within it and are easy to integrate. WordPress will enable you to setup RSS feeds to your blog and will automatically add the most recent blog of your site to other pages.

Overall, the above are some of the desirable good things about WordPress. WordPress for sure has continued evolving as it is continuously updating it features and becoming more friendly to the users.

Tuesday, 1 March 2016

5 errors webmasters must avoid in website designing

Website Design Errors that must be avoided:

Despite the webmaster having claims to know about web design they still commit some website design errors. As they are busy designing to their client website they may forget to keep track to the latest industry practices and trends making them make some errors.

Website Design
Website Designing

Avoid the following mistakes in website design, and your site will be far better than much of the competition.

1. Disabling the back button

Being Web Designers India you should avoid such a mistake as it may annoy the visitor of your site and they may never return. Disabling the back button or breaking it make the page to be redirected or a new window may pop up annoying the customer.  This website design error can be a great fault age to a website and as a web designer you should avoid such mistakes.

2. Failing to put a Phone number and address location 

Any web designer in India should be able to offer the website with multiple method to contact your site. A website design error can occur where the website designer may fail to put a contact us in locatable place by the user of the site. Nobody may call but by adding the above information it improves your transparency of the website and its legitimacy therefore as a web designer avoid such mistakes.

3. Use of broken links 

As a web designer you should avoid use of bad links. Hyperlinks that do nothing when clicked or lead to 404 error pages. To be the best website design India you should ensure that all links work as promised. It is also important to include a “Contact the Webmaster” link on the site so that the webmaster can be contacted incase a link breaks and may fix the link immediately.

4. Violating Design Conventions 

As a designer you should be able to have consistency on the website. Many web designers may choose to deviate their site expectation and this may be harder to use and user will leave. As a web designer this means that the form of the expectations of your site should be constant for longer visitation of your website.

5. Use of too many fonts and colors

As a web designer avoid using too many fonts style and colors. You should use two to three colors per page. This helps to assure viewers of your stability. The colors you use should look good at any device.


The web design blunders that is mentioned above may happen when the web designer do not think enough about the user. For a good design to happen you should keep up with updates and also accept feedbacks.