Tuesday, 1 March 2016

5 errors webmasters must avoid in website designing

Website Design Errors that must be avoided:

Despite the webmaster having claims to know about web design they still commit some website design errors. As they are busy designing to their client website they may forget to keep track to the latest industry practices and trends making them make some errors.

Website Design
Website Designing

Avoid the following mistakes in website design, and your site will be far better than much of the competition.

1. Disabling the back button

Being Web Designers India you should avoid such a mistake as it may annoy the visitor of your site and they may never return. Disabling the back button or breaking it make the page to be redirected or a new window may pop up annoying the customer.  This website design error can be a great fault age to a website and as a web designer you should avoid such mistakes.

2. Failing to put a Phone number and address location 

Any web designer in India should be able to offer the website with multiple method to contact your site. A website design error can occur where the website designer may fail to put a contact us in locatable place by the user of the site. Nobody may call but by adding the above information it improves your transparency of the website and its legitimacy therefore as a web designer avoid such mistakes.

3. Use of broken links 

As a web designer you should avoid use of bad links. Hyperlinks that do nothing when clicked or lead to 404 error pages. To be the best website design India you should ensure that all links work as promised. It is also important to include a “Contact the Webmaster” link on the site so that the webmaster can be contacted incase a link breaks and may fix the link immediately.

4. Violating Design Conventions 

As a designer you should be able to have consistency on the website. Many web designers may choose to deviate their site expectation and this may be harder to use and user will leave. As a web designer this means that the form of the expectations of your site should be constant for longer visitation of your website.

5. Use of too many fonts and colors

As a web designer avoid using too many fonts style and colors. You should use two to three colors per page. This helps to assure viewers of your stability. The colors you use should look good at any device.


The web design blunders that is mentioned above may happen when the web designer do not think enough about the user. For a good design to happen you should keep up with updates and also accept feedbacks.

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