Friday, 10 October 2014

5 Killer Tips to Design an Effective Ecommerce Website

Ecommerce websites are designed keeping in mind the commercial needs of your business. Although the primary function of such websites is to showcase a variety of products, every business has a different feel to it. Based on the needs of the customer, designers must take into account every such factor. Two of the most commonly neglected factors are User-friendliness and attractiveness. If an ecommerce web design manages to capture both of these things, the web site manages to capture the targeted audience. Although it is a very tough job but if accomplished, it can bear great results for you.

Ecommerce Website Development India

Customer Analysis

This part is very important. You need to know about you customers, before and after you design the website. Before design you need to know this because you can introduce something your customers’ want, after launching the website you can analyze the customer’s behavior on your website so that you can make the required changes to make the customers feel right at home.

Be Creative

To ascertain that you get genuinely recurring traffic, it is very important to make the ecommerce website design very attractive. It doesn't mean that you have to go all out and bedazzle the hell out of the users. You should carefully select a color scheme and then build a theme accordingly. Being creative during web design is something which cannot be taught or bought in the market. It is a talent with which an individual is born. So make sure that you get the best of your creativity displayed on the website. If you face trouble during the design, do make sure that you hire professionals to get the job done.

Use Friendly Navigation

On huge sites and stores it is usually a very tough task to navigate from one department to another. Navigation is one of the toughest things to get right. Make sure that you employ very friendly website navigation, otherwise what is keeping them from shopping from another ecommerce store. It can easily enhance the search process for the user.

Listen to your customers

As discussed before, you need to take into account everything your customers like and do. One thing you can do is to involve them. Ask them to fill out surveys, which can shed some light on what they want. It will help you update the site according to their needs. Another thing you can do is to be vigilant and resolve their queries as soon as possible.

Make it Responsive

Last but not the least make sure that during Ecommerce website development you make the design responsive. The number of people accessing Internet via tablets and mobile phones is increasing. Websites development for computers leaves you with a huge market unattended. Make sure that your design is responsive and that it looks very good on other devices as well. Last but not the least don’t load the website with flashy stuff that takes time to load. Using simple designs and responsive frameworks you can make sure that the website loads quickly and swiftly. 

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