Thursday, 14 July 2016

What You Need to Know Before You Start Your Own Blog?

Start Your Own Blog

It’s a great stride of you that you are going to start your own blog. Yes, you are going to share your key knowledge with the whole world. Your blog may have your business purpose or you may have your own purpose to share some information to others. But, you have to know some tips to start your own blog.

Here I will share some blog writing tips that will help you to start your own blog: 

1. What is Blogging? 

A blog that comes from weblog is a discussion on specific matter or an informational website that is published on the World Wide Web. You publish step by step daily or weekly basis on your chosen matter. The posts are displayed reversed chronological order. That is, the last post appears first into your site.

2. Choose Your Preferred Platform

Don’t choose your platform hearing some positive sides from your friends or relatives. You may choose a platform in which you have a little knowledge. It’s not a good way of choosing your platform. Actually, you should choose the platform in which you have full knowledge. If you have no full idea and information, you should gather knowledge until you earn a clear concept about the subject matter.

3. Choose Domain & Hosting

After making a plan of your own blogging site, choose domain and hosting. Probably you know what domain and hosting mean. Domain is your URL and hosting is the place where a company keeps your site in the Internet. Let your domain and hosting be fit to your own blog site according to your plan.

4. Design Your Blog

Design your blog according to your plan. Here you have to study which design will serve your purpose. It is better for you that the site will be designed by yourself. If not, you can hire web designers in India on whom you can depend.

5. SEO Content Writing 

After all things, write now SEO content. You know content is the master of a blog but this master can’t bring any goodness for you if the content is not SEO related. I mean, if the readers can’t get your writing easily, they can’t touch all your brain-storming thoughts. You have to write all contents that serve your SEO purpose. If you are not clear, learn about SEO content writing.

6. Informative Writing

Your own blog site can’t go upward until they are informative. People come into a site to learn more things that serve their views. If your site is not full of informative writing, you won’t get more and more readers. To attract the readers, you have the options that your writing must be SEO related and also informative posts.

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