Saturday, 14 May 2016

Why small businesses in India need a website?

Website helps a business to grow and also provides a platform for interacting with customers directly. One can start small and improve as the need grows. A website is the best online marketing tool.

Top 8 Reasons why small businesses in India need a website?

1. Looking for new clients

The first priority for a business owner  is  finding a new client. A business website can help very much in reaching new customers.

2. Increasing Business credibility

About 62 percent of small businesses in India created a company website because a company website brings the sense of business legitimacy and raises the credibility of it.

3. Raises customer interaction

Website helps a business create awareness and strengthen customer relationships. They also help establish and maintain communication between businesses and their current and prospective customers, which may include among other things, business initiatives and promotions.

4. Increases business visibility online

It's easier for a potential customer to find you online. There is also marketing tactics like search engine optimization (SEO).

5. Brand control

You control how your business website is presented and can manage your online identity according to your individual preference.

6. More marketing opportunities

You can provide much information about your business in the most optimal way since you are not restricted by the limitations of someone else's site.

In addition, a website can act as an aggregator of all your marketing activities including, among other initiatives, what you do in social media. You can also take advantage of free cloud services, such as video creation tools and blogging tools, to amplify your marketing efforts.

7. Increases sales and productivity

Since business website helps increase new customers therefore this increases business sales and its productivity.

8. News and upcoming events

Since website can be updated, it also keeps the customers updated and know the current issues on the business and what new is to come.

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