Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Why You Need to Re-design your Old Website?

Is Re-designing your old website generates more traffic to your website?

You’ve created a fancy website that generates traffic and some revenues to boot. The fundamental question then is: do you really need to redesign it after sometime. To many webmasters, overhauling their seemingly successful websites occurs as an unnecessary bother that interrupts their traffic and revenue streams.

But in an era where a website’s structure, user friendliness and compatibility across multiple platforms have become important ranking metrics, redesigning old websites has become a necessity.

Website Redesign
Website Re-design Services

If you are still stuck with your website, here are key reasons you need to redesign it.

To clean up obsolete features

Some features and applications on your website that may have been great a few years back might prove of no help to today’s users. Re-designing your website is then a perfect chance to clean up all such feature and make your site more presentable.

To improve your site’s load time

As your website expands, it becomes heavier and this consequently affects its load time. And as you already know, visitors will hardly spend their precious data bundles on slow loading website. By overhauling, you will seal the loop holes that cause your site’s loading lag.

To add functionality

Do you feel that your site can longer handle the scope of your operations? Then redesigning it might be a good idea as you will be able to scale it to meet your needs. Overhauling the site also allows you to work on the features that do not perform optimally. These include eliminating the fearful “404 not found” feedback that deter users from revisiting your website in the future.

For regular but essential updates

During the process of redesigning your website, you’ll be able to carry out some essential updates on the various features on your site. This may include updating footers and copyright scripts on your site and much more.

To promote your website to the online audience

A big part of redesigning a website revolves around optimizing it for both the readers and search engines. A well thought out website redesigning process ultimately leads to better ranking and a higher conversion rate.

Redesigning your old website into an intuitive, user friendly platform is the ideal way to enhance user interaction with your website. If you haven’t restructured your website for a long while, then this is the ideal time to do so. Get connect with the best website re-design services now. 

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